Driver Behaviour and Fatigue Monitoring Systems

Driver Fatigue Monitoring Devices

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems sells driver fatigue, distraction and accident prevention technology for fleets of vehicles


  • Keep your drivers safe with proven technology to reduce fatigue and distraction-related events

Reduce insurance costs

  • Find out how we can help you save on vehicle insurance

Dash Cams and Safety Cameras

Dash Cams and Safety Cameras

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems supplies and installs the cutting edge technology cameras by Goluk and Motor Guardian Cam

Promote safe driver behaviour

  • Safety cameras monitor and maintain safe driving practices

Document events to protect your drivers and your company

  • Continuous data and event triggered recording provides the documentation you need in case of a collision

Tracking Devices

Tracking System

  • NTS sell and install Teletrac Navman GPS systems to manage your fleet efficiently

Reduce operating costs

  • Track your vehicles to reduce running costs

Improve driver safety

  • Improve the safety of your fleet by knowing its real-time location

Manage compliance

  • Comply with government regulations with Electronic Work Diaries and real-time data collection

Fuel Tax Credits Manager

FTC Manager

  • A revolutionary system to calculate and claim Fuel Tax Credits

Easy To Use

  • Document information for the ATO to collect Fuel Tax Credits for your off-road vehicles quickly and easily

Fuel Tax Credit management

  • Gain the Fuel Tax Credits your business is entitled to collect

Data Sensors

Senquip sensors from Nationwide Tracking Systems

Data Sensors

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems sell Senquip sensors that provide a means to measure and monitor data remotely

Allows remote monitoring

  • You can measure oil or water pressure, ambient temperature or current storage capacity off-site without having to visit remote areas in person

Integration with industrial measurement devices

  • The sensors interface with most industrial measurement devices

A variety of uses

  • These sensors are eminently versatile, lending themselves to various uses in transport, mining, animal care and storage maintenance

Bespoke and individualised solutions available

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems can arrange an amendment of the data sensor to suit the individual needs of your business