Driver Behaviour and Fatigue Monitoring Systems

Guardian by Seeing Machines

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems sells Guardian by Seeing Machines – real-time driver fatigue, distraction and accident prevention technology for fleets of vehicles


  • Keep your drivers safe with proven technology to reduce fatigue and distraction-related events

Reduce insurance costs

  • Find out how Guardian by Seeing Machines technology can help you save on vehicle insurance through Seeing Machines’ partnership with NTI

Dash Cams and Safety Cameras

Dash Cams and Safety Cameras

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems supplies and installs the cutting edge technology cameras by Goluk and Motor Guardian Cam

Promote safe driver behaviour

  • Safety cameras monitor and maintain safe driving practices

Document events to protect your drivers and your company

  • Continuous data and event triggered recording provides the documentation you need in case of a collision

Tracking Devices

Tracking System

  • NTS sell and install Teletrac Navman GPS systems to manage your fleet efficiently

Reduce operating costs

  • Track your vehicles to reduce running costs

Improve driver safety

  • Improve the safety of your fleet by knowing its real-time location

Manage compliance

  • Comply with government regulations with Electronic Work Diaries and real-time data collection

Fuel Tax Credits Manager

FTC Manager

  • A revolutionary system to calculate and claim Fuel Tax Credits

Easy To Use

  • Document information for the ATO to collect Fuel Tax Credits for your off-road vehicles quickly and easily

Fuel Tax Credit management

  • Gain the Fuel Tax Credits your business is entitled to collect

Data Sensors

Senquip sensors from Nationwide Tracking Systems

Data Sensors

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems sell Senquip sensors that provide a means to measure and monitor data remotely

Allows remote monitoring

  • You can measure oil or water pressure, ambient temperature or current storage capacity off-site without having to visit remote areas in person

Integration with industrial measurement devices

  • The sensors interface with most industrial measurement devices

A variety of uses

  • These sensors are eminently versatile, lending themselves to various uses in transport, mining, animal care and storage maintenance

Bespoke and individualised solutions available

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems can arrange an amendment of the data sensor to suit the individual needs of your business