About Us

Nationwide Tracking Systems has a team with over 50 years of combined experience in Telematics and the Transport Industry.

We have partnerships with leading businesses in their field so that we can provide an integrated software and hardware solution for fleet management and safe driving practices, as well as sensors to manage and maintain areas requiring industrial measurement ranging from storage data and industrial waste management to animal monitoring.

Our specialities include fleet management systems for disabilities services and community transport, cranes and mining equipment, transport of livestock, IAP needs for higher weight payload haulage and larger fleets of over 1000 vehicles, in addition to the requirements of smaller fleet companies.

As well, we provide products promoting safe driving practices through safety cameras and reversing cameras, as well as driver fatigue monitoring devices.

We also sell sensors, both general and bespoke, that have a wide range of uses from environmental management to animal husbandry and storage maintenance.

We supply the Teletrac Navman FTC Manager, providing a revolutionary solution for calculating and claiming Fuel Tax Credits.

Our team includes specialists in mining needs, local government and service industries requirements, transport compliance and women in transport support.

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