NTS Benefits

Nationwide Tracking Systems offers an integration of software and hardware needs for companies with fleets ranging from one or two trucks or cars to businesses having over 1000 vehicles.

NTS is an Australia-wide network with clients that have sites of operation spread from coast to coast. We coordinate sales and installation of hardware across the nation, providing comprehensive technical and software solutions such as safety cameras, tracking systems and satcoms for remote areas, driver monitoring devices, and data sensors that integrate to give a total package to meet the needs of your fleet.

We enable compliance with government laws and transport compliance with Workplace Health and Safety regulations through supplying electronic work diaries.

Through providing Fuel Tax Credit Management we advise on how to use second by second data to maximise the Tax Credit, allowing data to be retrospective for 48 months and potentially obtain prior additional benefits.

NTS provides onsite training in the use of the system, as well as access to training videos and a service and support line.

Teletrac Navman Product
Electronic Work Diary

Product Benefits

  • Increased efficiency for fleet management
  • Ease of meeting government regulations through electronic work diaries
  • Compliance with Workplace Health and Safety regulations
  • Promotion and integration of safe driving practices
  • Increased profitability through data monitoring and comprehensive reporting
  • Teletrac Navman FTC Manager provides a revolutionary solution for calculating and claiming Fuel Tax Credits
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