Data Sensors

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Data Sensors

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems sell Senquip sensors that provide a means to measure and monitor data remotely

Allows remote monitoring

  • You can measure oil or water pressure, ambient temperature or current storage capacity off-site without having to visit remote areas in person

Integration with industrial measurement devices

  • The sensors interface with most industrial measurement devices

A variety of uses

  • These sensors are eminently versatile, lending themselves to various uses in transport, mining, animal care and storage maintenance

Bespoke and individualised solutions available

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems can arrange an amendment of the data sensor to suit the individual needs of your business
Senquip Orb

The Senquip Orb simplifies remote monitoring and collection of data. Remote systems and sensors are monitored locally through the internet.

The extensive array of in-built sensors, ability to interface to most industrial measurement devices and the rugged enclosure means that the Senquip ORB-X1 can be used in a wide variety of applications across many industries.

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Applications of the Senquip Orb

  • Lighting plant management
  • Animal enclosure monitoring
  • Flow and pressure measurement
  • Tank and dam monitoring
  • Sensing fuel storage and flow within vehicles

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Nationwide Tracking Systems can arrange the supply and installation of a stock sensor or a customised sensor configured to suit the particular requirements of your business.

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