Power Your Fleet with Smart In-Vehicle Applications

Navman Wireless Drive is a powerful suite of in-vehicle applications built to enhance driver efficiency, productivity and safety. This comprehensive line of apps helps drivers stay on task via a wide range of in-cab tools, such as clear voice-activated navigation, instant two-way messaging, signature capture, engine performance monitoring and more.

The app suite comes pre-installed on a 6-inch, easy-to-use, Garmin supported Navman Wireless MNav-950 device and is fully integrated with the Online AVL2 platform, providing businesses with the latest and most trusted in-vehicle technology for their fleet.

Navman Wireless Drive Features and Benefits:

Voice-Activated Navigation and Routing – faster response times & reduced vehicle use.

Two-Way Messaging for instant driver-dispatch communication and manager-based routing messages for immediate in-cab updates.

Paperless, customizable forms for receiving and tracking job information, such as parcel and bill of lading numbers, customer contacts, details and more.

Signature Capture enables drivers to collect and submit delivery confirmations and signatures right from the field.

Engine Monitoring System (EMS)* allows drivers the ability to see their current speed, RPM, vehicle temperature, fuel or oil pressure, providing insight into engine performance

Trucking Attributes enables drivers to enter a truck profile for specific road guidelines, such as size and weight restrictions on city roads, HazMat regulations, and day/night mode. *EMS requires OBD-II or J-BUS connectivity.