Track and monitor your fleet and equipment in real-time, 24/7.

The Telstra Next G® approved Qube tracking device is a dependable onboard device that collects and sends information directly from your vehicle to your PC or mobile device.  When combined with our proprietary software OnlineAVL2, you have a powerful analytical tool for making intelligent Risk, Fleet and Logistics decisions.

  • Accurate & Reliable — The Qube has one of the lowest error rates in the industry, is tamper-proof and features a back-up battery and built-in motion sensor.
  • Totally automatic — Sends location, time and distance activity updates to OnlineAVL2.
  • Data Collection — Records location, time spent onsite, kilometres travelled, speed, fuel usage, delivery times, ignitiion status and many other data points.
  • Events & Alerts — Stores 5000 events and sends alerts based on vehicle activity via email or SMS.
  • Geofence overspeed — Set up speed limits for up to 600 Geofences with up to 50 sides each.
  • Solo or Integrated Use — Employ the Qube alone as a tracking tool, or connect it to additional Navman Wireless devices, such as the M-Nav 800 or NEW M-Nav 950 with integrated messaging and navigation, the MDT for messaging or the DCU for engine management for a complete fleet management solution.
  • Posted Speed Monitoring — Receive road speed limit alerts on OnlineAVL2 or Navman Wireless Director when combining the Qube with the M-Nav 800 or NEW M-Nav 950.
  • Satellite Communication — Add our Satellite Communications device which uses the world-leading Iridium satellite network to cover your fleet when you operate out of cellular coverage.