Track and monitor your fleet even when out of cellular coverage

Keeping track of your workers and assets – whether in the city or remote areas – is an important necessity in ensuring the safety of your employees and your duty of care responsibility.

The Navman Wireless Satellite Communications device enables you to have visibility of and communicate with your employees, vehicles and equipment via OnlineAVL2 whether they operate and travel in cellular coverage or not.

  • WH&S — Meet work, health & safety legislation requirements including due diligence of your field staff
  • Increase visibility into your fleet activity — Establish their movements, utilisation and ensure your assets are operated efficiently
  • Monitor and manage driver behaviour — Ensure safe driving practices are adhered to and maintain a safe working environment
  • Integrated Use — Employ the Satellite Communications Device with the Qube as a tracking tool, or add the M-Nav 800, Navman Wireless’ two-way messaging and navigation device for a complete fleet-management solution