Dash Cams and Safety Cameras

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Dash Cams and Safety Cameras

  • Nationwide Tracking Systems supplies and installs the cutting edge technology cameras by Goluk and Motor Guardian Cam

Promote safe driver behaviour

  • Safety cameras monitor and maintain safe driving practices

Document events to protect your drivers and your company

  • Continuous data and event triggered recording provides the documentation you need in case of a collision

Nationwide Tracking Systems sells safety cameras that provide dual-camera video-capture and audio recording. They operate to give a clear image under a variety of conditions including low or no light as a result of built-in IR. They offer data capturing customisation to record and document events.

Combining a safety camera with the tracking system supplied by Nationwide Tracking Systems means that real-time tracking together with video data evidence protects your drivers and can provide essential documentation if an event occurs on the road.

Video Review

The system records all driving activity with “event” markers for identifying operator behaviours that put companies at risk such as aggressive driving such as hard braking or acceleration, speeding, vehicle warnings, panic buttons, and most importantly, collisions.

The dash cams and safety cameras provided by NTS offer:

  • Continuous recording
  • Event triggered recording
  • Integrated GPS Data Logging
  • Data Review and management tools
  • File Security
  • Redundant Data Backup

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